Our Journey

15th of January, 2019
19 years ago, I rode at Blair Castle international 3 day event. Riding in my top hat and tail Coat on my superstar Lollipolo. I have been fortunate enough to have some good horses to ride and gain my flags, but I wanted to pass my enthusiasm on to the next generation while continuing in the sport that I dearly loved. So we (Martin and I) bought a field and in that field we built barns and took in liveries. We bred some super horses and some that were not meant to be.

We laughed, we cried but most of all we enjoyed the downright bloody hard work we put in to building BA Equestrian. I’ve had some fabulous staff and liveries and lots that are still with me. I’ve enjoyed all the teaching and watching people grow into their horses (even picking one or two of you up off the floor along the way). 

The 19 years have passed relatively quickly but all the time I was missing wearing that special tailcoat Having been told I could not jump again due to significant damage to discs in my back I took the decision to concentrate on my Dressage. Almo wasn’t the bravest event horse so Dressage it was. 7 years after getting him and 19 years after the last time I wore my tail coat (I still get in the same one yeh) last weekend King Almo and I put that jacket on again. 

From Eventer to Advanced Dressage Horse I would like to say in one easy move, but it hasn’t been. I’ve learnt a lot and so has he. I am so very proud of him, and so very pleased to get to wear that jacket again. 

It may have taken a while, but BA Equestrian has arrived in the Dressage world. 

Many many thanks to all the people that have helped along the way. You know who you are. Here’s to the next 20 years at top level.