Covid 19 Guidelines

25th of March, 2020

After the statement made by the government on Monday night asking people to stay at home unless it is essential we have reviewed our position to come in line with the British Equestrian Federation advice.

This means with immediate effect we are implementing time slots for people to attend the yard. You are requested to stick to your time slot and should there be any problems you text me the night before so I can rearrange an appropriate time.

Whilst on the yard we request that you only attend your own barn but should you come into contact with anyone else you observe the 2m social distancing advice given by the government.

Hand sanitizer will be in each barn please use it when you enter and when you leave. We request where possible you wear gloves, again to help minimize risk.

You should only use your own tools, if you do not have any then please let me know and I will arrange some for you to use whilst these restrictions are in place.

With regards to wheelbarrows please use the blue roll and hand sanitizer to clean the handles after use.

Should you need to use the toilet there is soap and hand sanitizer available please use them. The toilet will be cleaned on a regular basis but there will be disposable clothes and bleach in there if you wish to clean it before you use it.

If you come into my barn please only use the toilet, if you need feed text me. If the weather is fine it will be placed on the pallet outside my barn, if it is raining we will deliver it, 24 hours notice would be ideal.

Vets and farriers will be attending but they have requested that only yard owners are there to minimize the risk of infection.

What is very important is, if you start with symptoms STAY AT HOME. Text and we will look after your horse.

The attached guidelines from the BEF say it is your own choice to ride, you must consider NHS resources. At this moment it is not for me to insist either way on this, all I would advise is that you are sensible, personally I would recommend that nobody jumps. If you want to discuss this further please call me.

These are uncertain times but if we all adhere to the guidelines we can minimize any risk. Any concerns please call me.