Thank Goodness for the Indoor!

18th of February, 2020
I'm sure many of you like me are fed up with this weather.  Its been awful with all the rain and wind its not ideal trying to work the babies but the indoor really has been a blessing this year. Sunday morning riding club has continued though, with my lovely hardy riders braving any weather, hats off to you all. We've been enjoying some grid work on riding club and its lovely to see everyone making great progress and enjoying their lesson. Riding club covers all levels and is an inclusive environment, if you are looking for a group lesson or to make some new horsey friends get in touch and we will book you in. 
My babies are coming on nicely, Rob is doing a great job of being a crash test dummy for me! (If anyone is looking for a dressage horse I do have a couple of the youngsters I'm thinking about selling so get in touch.) Just need the weather to be better now to get some more hacking in! The broodmares are looking very well and we are starting to get a little bit excited about the arrival of more babies. 
Almo is preparing to come out again in the spring. He will be joined by Robbie and Darcy for days out so watch this space for our progress. 
If you are struggling with the weather and fancy a lesson in the dry give me a call and we will get you booked in.