18th of September, 2019
I'ts been a long  busy summer at longhorn stables but  with sad news, the sad news is I  lost my precious Benson on the 27th August which left a big whole in my heart but Ted Bear has done his best to fill it. 
Now on a more happy note both my girls Quando and Karnival  are broken and ridding away nicely  so I'm very excited for the new year with two beautiful youngsters.  Edan has come in after a well deserve holiday and is now coming back into work  .A Lmo is  training for the second round of the area festival. Paddy has been turned out and is now enjoying retirement /baby sitting the youngster in the field i with Basil .
 Biscuit and Zeppo have also come in and are ready to start lunging and learning how to be a grown up.
Lauren my head girls had left us and headed off to Hartpury to do an equine with therapy degree, but she will be back at week ends and in holidays she doesn't get away that easily.
 Cheylle has now had to step up to' mucker outer ' sweeper upper'( mind, you she's always been a good sweeper upper), general dogs body and yard manager  hope she doesnt want a pay rise ! 
Michelle has a new horse Ernie  4 year  Irish sport horse with the most laid back nature but he's a grey, you would think she'd have learnt with the first grey.
Sparkle , Cora and Chard are all nicely in foal  so 3 new babies next year
Aida is working well  and will be up for sale, Laura bought  her as a project to break and doesn't now have the time for a full time horse, so anyone looking for a top class dressage horse please contact me or Laura
to top of the summer sally has borght a beautiful  new foal who will be joining us in November , so a new friend for Oliver and a busy winter.